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Dr. Giacomoni Educates Industry on Developing Skin Care Products


By: Samantha Posted: 01/17/2017

World-renowned skin care expert and Élan Rose Chief Scientific Officer, Paolo Giacomoni, PhD has been invited to teach industry professionals on developing skin care products that can measurably, visibly and quickly affect the skin. Meeting in Amsterdam, formulators from around the world will be learning from Dr. Giacomoni that a formula must be “built” around the active, and how to avoid ingredients which may interfere with the properly delivery of the chosen active to the skin.

This intensive course will help scientists become familiar with the fundamentals of skin physiology, structure, renewal, aging process, UV response and the like, to identify those physiological steps, which are accessible to topically applied substances. Becoming familiar with these subjects will allow one to envision the possible interactions between a topically applied formulation and the skin as a viable organ. Thereby allowing for optimization of products.

Additionally, Dr. Giacomoni will emphasize the Skin Microbiome, Chronobiology, Fighting Air Pollution and Applying Epigenetics. Other subjects will be: Differences between Male and Female skin & the micro-inflammatory theory of skin aging.

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About Dr. Giacomoni

Paolo Giacomoni, PhD. is a world renowned expert in the science of the skin and skin care products. Dr Giacomoni is Founding Member the European Society for Photobiology and European Network for the Biology of Aging, and Associate Editor of The Journal of Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Prior to founding Élan Rose skin care he was Executive Director of Research & Development for Estee Lauder’s Clinique and Head of Department of Biology for L’Oréal. Dr. Giacomoni holds a PhD. Biochemistry University of Paris VI, a Master’s Degree Atomic Physics University of Milan, and is fluent in Italian, French, German, Spanish, English.