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French Beauty Rituals


By: Samantha Posted: 12/19/2016

French women have a certain “je ne sais quoi” about them – a certain Parisian allure that oozes sophistication, chic feminine style, and self-confidence. But how? We’ve broken down the top-secret beauty rituals of French women.

They Know the Importance of Hydration

French women rise and shine with a fresh glass of water every morning. It’s their secret weapon for health (water flushes toxins), beauty (keeps the skin nourished), and for weight control. This is one of the oldest, and most potent, French beauty tricks in the book.

Good Circulation Makes One Glow

The French aren’t opposed to taking a cold shower to get their circulation churning. Cold water opens up the pores, and shocks the nervous system wide awake from slumber. Rigorously dry yourself with a clean towel to bring blood and color to your skin.

Accessories Make an Outfit

French women know how to play down or fancy up an outfit using the right accessories, ensuring that they can rock the same dress for years to come. A snakeskin belt, beaded necklace, and printed bag always look perfect with a LBD. The shoes and purse never match and they know that different textures or layers can be a girl’s best friend.

Sun Avoidance

French women keep their skin beautiful, buttery soft, and youthful by avoiding the sun. If they are out and about, they’ll re-apply day cream with SPF. UV rays can speed up the aging process and cause premature aging, so this is one of the best French skincare tips to utilize.

Set these tips and tricks into practice to gain the timeless beauty of any French woman.