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French Girl Beauty Secrets-Tips To Look Parisian Pretty


By: Samantha Posted: 11/17/2016

French girls exude self-confidence. Not only that, but they always have effortless style, gorgeous hair, and glowing skin. How do they do it? Here are the best French beauty tricks we could find.

Not Workout-Obsessed

American women always feel pressured to look a certain way due to the entertainment industry. French girls embrace their bodies, no matter what their shape is. They also don’t care for indoor workouts, because they find them boring. Instead, they incorporate enjoyable workout hobbies into their lifestyle to stay fit and flirty.

Love of Water

To the French, H20 is a girl’s BFF. It’s regarded not only as a beverage, but there are massive benefits to drinking water for skin glow. France is renowned for its fresh mineral water and the nutrients harnessed in its beauty products. Want to be as pretty as a French woman? Start drinking the recommended six to eight glasses of water the professionals recommend every day.

The Belief That Less Is More

The French totally embrace minimalism, especially when it comes to beauty. They know the power of a bold red lipstick and nothing else. Wearing less makeup (or no makeup at all) with just an SPF based day cream enables your skin to rest and relax, allowing pores to breathe. Natural beauty is very important to French ladies, and one of the best French skincare secrets out there.

Love of DIY

Many Parisian girls have their own at-home spa rituals, with ingredients that can be found right in your own cupboard.

They Take Skincare Seriously

If you love a bare face, your skin of course has to look fabulous. The French are meticulous about their skincare routines and take skin health very, very seriously.

If you want to look Parisian pretty, simply follow the aforementioned French skincare secrets.