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How Do Night Serum and Anti-Aging Day Cream Balance Each Other?


By: Samantha Posted: 12/19/2016

Aging happens – it’s a dismal fact. And while we cannot reverse the effects of Mother Nature, we can do everything in our power to slow the process down, including using an antioxidant day cream with SPF and broad spectrum protection and a wrinkle-reducing serum. Beneficial at every age, these two anti-aging skin products, when used hand-in-hand, can drastically decrease the rate of appearance of the visible signs of aging (that are improperly called symptoms of premature aging).

What Is a Night Serum and What Is an Anti-Aging Day Cream?

A night serum is a balm that is applied before bed time to improve and replenish the top layer of your skin, also known as the epidermis. A good serum is packed full of vital nutrients and actives able to help removing the damage provoked by day-time aggression, and anti-inflammatory agents etc, that penetrate deep into the skin, leaving behind hydration, increased nourishment and protection against free-radicals that affect skin structure and can result in blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles. A night serum can also contain exfoliating
agents to act overnight and reveal a polished skin where fine lines and wrinkles are less and less visible.

An SPF day cream with broad spectrum protection adds moisture and protects your skin from hazardous UV rays from the sun, as well as free-radicals. When applied properly, products like Elan Rose’s Hello Sunshine!, can protect against skin cancer and skin aging.

Why Use a Night Serum and Anti-Aging Day Cream Together?

Using both a night serum and an anti-aging day cream with SPF and broad spectrum protection is an important strategy for any healthy daily skin care routine. While the night serum will help to nourish and rehydrate your skin, aiding in your skin’s natural healing process when you are asleep, the day cream will add a layer of protection against the grit and grime your face can encounter throughout the day.

It’s critical to use these two products side-by-side in your beauty arsenal to stop the early appearance of aging in its tracks.