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How Living in the City Affects Your Skin and What to Do


By: Paolo Giacomoni, PhD. Posted: 11/10/2016

Living in the city can be fun and exciting. From the art and culture to the nightlife, there seems to be something new and adventurous around every turn. However, the urban jungle can also be your skin’s worst enemy, especially with regard to pollutants. In some metro areas, the pollution index is as high as 100, which is 50 times higher than levels recommended by the World Health Organization. From the smog to the onslaught of sidewalk smokers, here are some factors that can affect your skin, and how to protect yourself:


Pollution, such as particulates from car fumes, can contribute to the increase of the formation of age spots, which are undesired sign of skin aging, premature aging. Antioxidants are your best ally against free radicals, so be sure to double up on them by eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies, as well as investing in a serum that is rich in Vitamin C and vitamin E. Be aware that all what one eats does not necessarily go on the skin! To have positive skin effects, Vitamin E needs to be applied on the skin.

Clean – And Clean Again

The city is a mesmerizing place, but it can also be filthy. Even if you partake in No Makeup Monday, it’s critical to use a deep cleanser to thoroughly wash away grit and grime every morning and every night. It can also get rid of excess dirt, oil, makeup, and sweat that have accumulated in your pores and can lead to not only a breakout, but also wrinkles.

Purify Your Face for the Win

Urban living can definitely take a toll on your skin. But with help from cleansers and exfoliators, you can build a proper city life skin care, and can keep a fresh face no matter what your city throws your way.