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How to Care for Your Skin in Your 40s


By: Samantha Posted: 11/15/2016

While you can’t avoid aging, you don’t need to live in a monastery and to be blessed with flawless genetics to have youthful, fresh skin, no matter how old you are. Here are some expert tips for skincare for your 40s.

Exfoliate More, But Gently

During your 30s, your skin’s inherent mechanisms, such as the production of key lipids and key proteins in the epidermis, start to decrease. By age 40, you’ll really start to notice the effects. Less filaggrin equates to less natural moisturizing factor. The reduction in sebum production, sweat and hormones affects the capability of your skin to produce lipids and retain water. That’s why it’s critical, together with the daily use of a moisturizer, to exfoliate every evening with a non-acid exfoliator such as chestnut extract, to maintain glowing, baby-soft skin.

Antioxidant and Hydrating Creams

Just like fresh fruits and veggies nourish your body with critical antioxidants such as Vitamin C, a hydrating cream with SPF does the same for your face by preventing the inflammation that produces damaging free radicals. Be sure to purchase a cream that also contains an SPF to further protect your flawless face from the sun’s UV rays. This type of cream should be applied daily every morning. Do not forget that not every thing one eats ends up on the skin. So for instance, to exert its beneficial action, vitamin E has to be applied on the skin.

Add the Night Serum

If you start noticing a propagation of crow’s feet, add night serum to your daily beauty routine. Buy a product that contains both Melatonin and Vitamin B3 to strengthen the skin and remove the damage accumulated during the day. A non-acid exfoliator such as chestnut extract will achieve the smoothening of your skin in the eye zone thus eliminating the visibility of the crow’s feet.

Drink Up

Hydrate your body from the inside out by drinking plenty of water. This means downing the recommended six to eight cups every day.

It is possible to look fab well into your 40s, and even 50s with these 40-year-old skincare techniques. While your 20s vs. 40s skincare routine might change a bit, you could be that friend that still gets carded!