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Perfume, Fragrances and Skin Care: What you need to know.


By: Paolo Giacomoni, PhD. Posted: 12/23/2015

As we know, perfumes are products aimed at modifying a person’s aroma by imparting a different scent. Perfumes are a mixture of natural sources like flowers and/or synthetically derived ingredients – all of which are known as fragrances. These fragrances are then mixed to achieve an agreeable final odor.

The fragrant ingredients of perfumes are often dissolved in alcohol and therefore can be absorbed within the lipid structure of the skin’s epidermis. Unfortunately, some of these fragrances have been observed to create an allergic reaction or can be an irritant to the skin. In addition, many fragrances are photo-reactive or phototoxic, so that they react with molecules in the skin when exposed to sunlight.

As such, you should never be directly exposed to the sun when you wear perfumes. A better option is to wait until evening or to apply the perfume on your clothing. This is also one more reason why we engineered Elan Rose products to be fragrance free.