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Safe Exfoliation for Around the Eyes


By: Paolo Giacomoni, PhD. Posted: 06/26/2016

The single worse mechanism of aging is the inflammatory process. The first anti-aging step you can perform is to provide hygiene to your skin, thus removing potentially irritating factors. In order to keep a youthful skin, wash your face morning and evening, and apply a product able to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis. These two are critical steps in a healthy skin care regimen.

Exfoliation polishes the surface so that imperfections are less visible. It also makes it more difficult for dirt particles or unwanted micro-organisms to nest in the stratum corneum and become a source of irritation. However, some exfoliators, such as fruit acid or alpha-hydroxy acids, can cause irritation in sensitive areas of the face, such as the eye zone.

Chestnut extract is the answer for those who seek safe exfoliation in the eye zone without experiencing the stinging provoked by acid exfoliators. As a matter of fact, chestnut extract stimulates the natural process of exfoliation. It activates the enzymes that are naturally found in the stratum corneum and are responsible for the daily renewal of the epidermis. Chestnut extract helps to polish the skin’s surface, overnight, resulting in a more luminous skin and a reduction in the visible surface imperfections of the skin.