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Serum or Cream?


By: Paolo Giacomoni, PhD. Posted: 10/23/2016

Skin care products come in different forms. The most frequent forms are creams and serums. We are often asked “what is the difference?”

Serums (or “sera”: the plural ofserumin Latin issera) are the best skin care formulas for delivery of water-soluble actives such as vitamin B3 or vitamin C. A serum is the most efficient delivery system of these actives while also providing a pleasant texture and feel on application. Skin care products, such as Wake Up Beautiful! Night Serum, is formulated to effectively deliver vitamin B3 to the skin.

Creams are used to deliver actives that are not soluble in water, for instance, the vast majority of sunscreens are creams and so is Hello Sunshine! Best Day Cream with SPF 30 and broad spectrum protection.

Creams are emulsions composed of oils and water, that is: droplets of water in oil or droplets of oil in water, kept together by detergents which allow the emulsion to be stable. Active ingredients will be dissolved in the water part or in the oil part, according to their solubility.

Creams with oil droplets in water are called “oil-in-water” and can have a “light” texture, whereas creams with water droplets in oil are called “water-in-oil” and their texture can be “heavy”.

It is sometimes said that a serum is “stronger” than a cream. What does it mean? It means that if a water-soluble active such as vitamin B3 is used at 1% in water to prepare the product in the serum and cream forms, then, in the same volume of each product, the serum will contain more vitamin B3 than the cream, because that volume of cream will also contain a part of oil, in which vitamin B3 is not soluble.

When selecting the best anti aging skin care products it is important you are sure the formulas were developed to achieve optimal results in the delivery of safe, clinically proven active ingredients.