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Skin Care + Travel: In-flight Beauty Tips


By: Samantha Posted: 01/17/2017

If you travel by air, and you want to look refreshed and healthy when you arrive, we have some great news for you, including a couple of in-flight beauty tips you won’t see anywhere else. Skin care and travel are not mutually exclusive. Whether you’re flying across the state, or around the globe, you can put your time to good use by giving yourself a luxurious facial in the sky.

Remove All Make-Up

Even if you don’t wear much makeup, wash it off before the flight takes off. If it’s awkward to wash at the airport, use makeup remover wipes as soon as you board
and get seated.

If it’s a short hop during the day, be sure to use the best skin care products for sun protection, especially if you’re in a window seat. Think how close you’ll be to the sun! We recommend the aptly named Hello Sunshine! by Élan Rose, which is easily the best face lotion with SPF found.

Pamper Your Skin in Flight

If you signed up for a longer flight, we have two great travel tips that celebrity make-up artists use. First, make the most of your me-time by giving yourself a spa-grade facial with anti-aging night serum in the comfort of your own seat. Night serums are all the rage in Hollywood because they do an amazing job. Be sure to use a fragrance-free night serum, because it is known that during the night the skin is more permeable and that fragrances are the cause of the majority of irritations and allergic reactions.

So for your anti-aging night serum try Wake-Up Beautiful! by Élan Rose, but like any night serum, apply sparingly using your fingertips. Finally, complete your skin care and travel regimen by taking a beauty nap as the serum works its magic. But don’t spoil your invigorating facial by wearing a sleep mask! Instead, bring along a pair of tanning bed style goggles that will block out the light but not disturb your facial.

Don’t neglect your skin care program when you travel. Use our in-flight beauty tips and, no matter where you sit in the plane, you’ll arrive with a first-class complexion.