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Sunscreens: Dr. Giacomoni Educates Industry on Developing Products to Protect Against UV Damage


By: Steve Alosio Posted: 01/24/2017

Furthering his commitment to scientific accuracy and integrity of skin care products, expert and Élan Rose Chief Scientific Officer, Paolo Giacomoni, PhD will be teaching industry professionals on skin photo-biochemistry and appropriate delivery systems for optimal effectiveness and safety for protecting from UV damage.

This course will provide an overview of ultraviolet mechanism to damage and sunscreen technologies that enable the participants to design proper strategies for successful product development and marketing. Dr. Giacomoni will inform on: the interaction of radiation with biological matter, how important anti-oxidants can be and why, the difficulties inherent to the formulation of sunscreens, the discussion of established and emerging sunscreen efficacy testing methodologies, as well as on recent findings on sunscreen ingredients, technologies and skin-sun protection.

The class will be March 23, 2017 in Amsterdam or can be followed online in real time.

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