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The Effects of Environmental Pollution on Skin Health


By: Samantha Posted: 11/01/2016

World-renowned skin care expert and Elan Rose Chief Scientific Offices, Paolo Giacomoni, PhD will be teaching industry professionals on the effects of pollution on the skin during an upcoming lecture series sponsored by the Center of Professional Advancement.

The course is designed for individuals active in the field of pharmacology, dermatology, skin care marketing and formulation of the topical product. The course will educate and train participants to: define the harmful components of environmental pollution, discuss possible methods to avert pollution from skin and analyze epidemiologic data relative to the effects of pollution.

The environment is polluted by toxic chemicals, particles and electro-magnetic waves. It is often said that these forms of pollution damage the skin and accelerate the process of skin aging. This 90-minute, accredited online training course will present and discuss the published results of these findings and will evaluate the extent of skin again damage which can occur. Other possible effects of pollution on the skin will also be discussed.

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