Live Beautifully, Age Gracefully.

The Three Most Important Words for Beautiful Skin


By: Elan Rose Posted: 07/31/2017

Young or old, female or male. Oily or dry. Black, brown or white. Three key words will guide you in maintaining healthy, beautiful skin, and eliminating the appearance of aging.

Prevent. Healthy skin starts with a commitment to prevent the things you can control. Reduce sun exposure, psychological stress, cold stress, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, and more.

Protect. Sun or rain. At the beach or in the mountains. Ensuring that your skin is nourished and protected from UV damage is your top priority. Start every morning by applying a day cream containing a SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Protection. Additionally, whenever you are expecting to be outside for an extended period, be sure to wear a hat and proper clothing.

Repair. The best time for repair and healing is at night while you sleep and the skin is free from environmental factors such as sunlight and stress. Fortunately, the topical application of vitamin B3 has been shown to boost the repair of DNA and to reactivate the skin’s immune response after UV exposure.

Conclusion. A good skin care regimen should not be complicated nor expensive, provided you stick with the successful principles of Prevent, Protect and Repair. Use only products based on proven science, clinically tested, and allergy tested using HRIPT methodology. Stay away from products containing the latest “gimmick ingredients” and “fake news” miracles.