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The Wrinkle - What are they and how to reduce them.


By: Paolo Giacomoni, PhD. Posted: 10/07/2015

Surgeons know that an anaesthetized patient does not have wrinkles. Dermatologists know that an injection of the neuro-toxin Botox removes wrinkles for several weeks. This is to say that a wrinkle is a neuro-muscular problem, which manifests itself in the appearance of grooves on the face. These grooves are in correspondence to where the skin is attached to the muscles via the nervous tissue.

When one looks closely, one notes that the wrinkles only appear on vertical parts of our body such as the forehead, the temples and the cheeks and that there are no wrinkles on horizontal parts of our body (no wrinkles on the scalp, no wrinkles on the shoulders). It is therefore apparent that drawing a wrinkle as a concave line separating the “top” from the “bottom” is wrong and misleading. Indeed some authors propose to eliminate wrinkles by filling the bottom, which is a quite difficult thing to do because a wrinkle does not have a bottom!

With time the skin’s elastic fibers get disorganized. The skin turns also thinner because of the loss of water in the dermis. Overall, the skin gets larger because of the effect of gravitational forces on it and it will hang from the sites where it is attached to the muscles. This is how we understand the essence of wrinkles. The aging of skin (thinning, sagging, loss of elasticity) is the consequence of damage caused by environmental factors such as sunlight, smoking and the like, the accumulation of which provokes the onset of the visible signs of aging.

Once wrinkles appear, they can be made less visible by smoothening out the surface of the skin by using products that transiently tighten the skin or by exfoliating agents. Additionally, their appearance can be obstructed by protecting against the accumulation of damage and by stimulating repair.

For best results, a skin care regimen containing sunscreens, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, and some vitamins can help avoiding damage or stimulating repair and can be used to prevent the formation of wrinkles.