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Vacation Skin Advice - From The Ski Lodge to The Tropics


By: Samantha Posted: 01/17/2017

No matter where you travel, your skin comes along for the ride. But each destination poses its own challenge for skin care and travel. You wouldn’t pack the same clothes for an excursion to the ski slopes as you would for a tropical vacation, so why bring along the same skin care products?

Before we get into specifics, almost all travel destinations will require you to wear a moisturizing day cream with SPF 30 and broad spectrum protection, and one of the best face lotions with SPF and broad spectrum protection is Hello Sunshine! Day Cream by Elan Rose.

Winter Wonderland

At the ski chalet, blustery winds, crackling fireplaces, and the sun’s reflection off the white stuff, can leave your skin dry and flaky. Use the best skin care products to exfoliate your skin during the night, without acids. And remember during the day, to use sunscreen approved for both UVA and UVB protection.

Tropical Paradise

If you’re headed for a splash in the tropics…we envy you, but only if you take the best skin care products along. Skin care and travel near the equator is a whole different story, one filled with humidity and relentless sun. Experts suggest using the best face lotion with SPF protection of at least 30, and post-sun balm to soothe the redness and burning – but our readers know better than to get sunburned in the first place, right?