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Why You Need SPF Day Cream in Winter


By: Samantha Posted: 12/14/2016

Many people believe they don’t need an SPF with broad spectrum protection day cream in winter, as they mistakenly think sun protection is something for summer and warm weather only. This could not be less true! Sun protection is something the skin requires year-round to remain supple, youthful, and beautiful.

Harmful UVB and UVA Rays

Harmful UVB and UBA rays are still shining on your skin in the winter, particularly the UVA that cross clouds and windows and are nearly as strong in the winter as they are in the summer. The head, arms, neck, and other areas normally exposed during the summer months are often covered during winter, but the face is often left exposed and vulnerable. Skin experts note that UVA rays, AKA the rays that, in addition to being mutagenic are also responsible for skin sagging, are more prevalent during winter. Reflection of the sun’s radiation on snow is another reason for using SPF with broad spectrum protection day cream during winter, especially if you’re fond of snowboarding or skiing.

SPF Day Cream vs. Sunscreen

Using an SPF day cream with broad spectrum protection in winter and all year is recommended over commercial sunscreens, as the former provides benefits the latter cannot. The SPF day cream with broad spectrum protection from Élan Rose is the superior anti-aging product, featuring active ingredients that protect, heal, and nourish skin. Ingredients include vitamin B3 for energy production and DNA repair, vitamin E to protect the epidermis’ structure. The day cream provides a full range of skin benefits, while typical commercial sunscreens sometimes feature harmful and skin-damaging chemicals.

Your Winter Skin Defense System

Combine the SPF day cream with broad spectrum protection and the best anti-wrinkle serum to keep skin hydrated, protected, and youthful-looking, no matter how harsh the winter weather. Remember that protection against UVB and UVA is something your skin needs every time you step outside, not just when the weather is scorching. You will have a much easier time maintaining a vibrant, supple, youthful appearance!