Live Beautifully, Age Gracefully.

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Do you ever wonder how some celebs manage to maintain their youthful glow throughout the years? While some stars might just be genetically superior (we’re looking at you, Taylor), some have celebrity skincare secrets for flawless skin stashed up their sleeves to look red carpet-ready year round.

Here are three top celebrity skincare secrets that you can use at home.

Get Your Beauty Rest

Your skin goes through a rejuvenation process when you sleep. Help your skin heal and look healthy just like a celebrity by getting the recommended eight hours of shuteye per

French women have a certain “je ne sais quoi” about them – a certain Parisian allure that oozes sophistication, chic feminine style, and self-confidence. But how? We’ve broken down the top-secret beauty rituals of French women.

They Know the Importance of Hydration

French women rise and shine with a fresh glass of water every morning. It’s their secret weapon for health (water flushes toxins), beauty (keeps the skin nourished), and for weight control. This is one of the oldest, and most potent, French beauty tricks in the book.

Good Circulation Makes One Glow

The French aren’t opposed to taking a cold shower to get their circulation churning.

SPF 30 day creams with broad spectrum protection and standard sunscreens both offer protection from the sun’s damaging UVB rays, but the products are actually quite different. Both options are considered anti-aging products; however, the former offers protection from external aging factors that the latter simply cannot compete with. Take a moment to learn about the difference between SPF 30 day cream with broad spectrum protection and sunscreen to better protect your skin from aging UV rays.

Dry climates and low humidity can make for better hair days, but they definitely will take a toll on your skin and lead to the accelerated appearance of the signs of aging, a phenomenon also called premature aging. Here are some of the best skincare tips dry climates.

Moisturize as Much as Possible, With the Right Ingredients

Select a day cream with SPF and broad-spectrum protection to avoid the damage by UVB and by UVA, and the consequent inflammation. Quench your skin’s thirst by ensuring that your moisturizer has key ingredients, including Gorgonian Extract, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, to avoid the damage. Make sure it contains Vitamin B3, a vitamin that has been shown to help repairing DNA and generate energy in skin cells.

Antioxidants are defined as molecules that prevent other molecules from undergoing oxidations, particularly the uncontrolled ones produced by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable compounds that attack molecules and can therefore harm the body’s cells. They cause inflammation which in turn, in the long run, makes skin to become dull and wrinkled. Consuming antioxidant-rich foods, remembering that not all what you eat goes on the skin, and using therefore an antioxidant-containing day cream among other anti-aging products, is key to maintaining supple, youthful skin. Let’s take a quick look at some of the amazing benefits antioxidants offer.

Sunshine, in moderate amounts, is good for you, as it provides a dose of much-needed Vitamin D. However, after your needs are met, you are at risk of soaking in solar radiation from the sun. Ultraviolet radiation (UV and UVB) damages the skin’s DNA, impairs its immune system, and hinders the production of energy. This damage is done at a molecular level, and it shows itself as irritation, dullness, redness, and sometimes cancer. Using a day cream with SPF broad spectrum protection each day will give you the protection needed to keep your skin looking and feeling great, while keeping it healthy.