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We are pleased to announce actress, model and television personality Patricia Kara has joined Élan Rose as a product advisor.

Patricia first learned of Élan Rose skin care products after noticing how beautiful and clear a friend’s skin looked. Patricia tried Élan Rose and was hooked. “Having dry skin, I usually shy away from serums, they have never worked for me, but I was so pleasantly surprised when I used Élan Rose. My skin immediately took to the serum and day cream. My skin looks more hydrated and feels baby soft! What a difference!” says Patricia.

Patricia’s career has included NBC’s Deal or No Deal, Extra, Fox Movie Channel, and People Magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People.”

It’s not news that being active is good for your physical and mental wellbeing. But here’s an additional perk that will surely keep you on the move: regular exercise is one of the key ingredients to healthy skin. Here are some ways healthy skin and exercise go hand-in-hand.

Smooth and Radiant Skin

When you work out, your pores expand. And the sweat you produce gets rid of trapped oil, dirt, debris, makeup, and anything else that might be trapped in your pores. Breaking a sweat isn’t the only way exercise produces youthful-looking skin. It also helps control hormones, builds a barrier against free-radicals that can lead to the signs and symptoms of aging, and drastically reduces body-wide swelling.

Do you ever wonder how some celebs manage to maintain their youthful glow throughout the years? While some stars might just be genetically superior (we’re looking at you, Taylor), some have celebrity skincare secrets for flawless skin stashed up their sleeves to look red carpet-ready year round.

Here are three top celebrity skincare secrets that you can use at home.

Get Your Beauty Rest

Your skin goes through a rejuvenation process when you sleep. Help your skin heal and look healthy just like a celebrity by getting the recommended eight hours of shuteye per

French women have a certain “je ne sais quoi” about them – a certain Parisian allure that oozes sophistication, chic feminine style, and self-confidence. But how? We’ve broken down the top-secret beauty rituals of French women.

They Know the Importance of Hydration

French women rise and shine with a fresh glass of water every morning. It’s their secret weapon for health (water flushes toxins), beauty (keeps the skin nourished), and for weight control. This is one of the oldest, and most potent, French beauty tricks in the book.

Good Circulation Makes One Glow

The French aren’t opposed to taking a cold shower to get their circulation churning.

You are probably already aware of the risk of UV ray exposure and the havoc other extreme climates can wreak on your skin, but a recent study found a new cause of acceleration of the rate of aging for us to worry about. Air pollution is attracting more attention in the media and from doctors, and raising concerns in patients worldwide.

A Silent But Deadly Enemy

Your skin is your first defense and the organ most susceptible to damage from outside influences. The most common sources of air pollutants include car exhaust, cigarette smoke, factory exhaust, agricultural activities etc. These result in smog, acid rains and dust. All of these factors do drastically affect your health. As far as the skin is concerned, air pollution depletes the skin of anti-oxidants and reacts with sebum.

Nighttime is a great time to give your skin some extra pampering since you’ll be out of the sun and moderately still while you sleep. Serums contain high concentrations of active ingredients, and can be used in combination with other facial products depending on your skin’s needs and type. So, what’s the best facial night serum for you and your skin? Here’s a deeper look into night serum benefits and why nighttime is the best time to apply.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Serums aren’t a necessity for most people, but they do offer a wide range of benefits. Because of how they are formulated, serums contain high concentrations of active ingredients, which can either add potency to other facial products, or deliver high concentrations directly to problem areas on the skin.

Aging happens – it’s a dismal fact. And while we cannot reverse the effects of Mother Nature, we can do everything in our power to slow the process down, including using an antioxidant day cream with SPF and broad spectrum protection and a wrinkle-reducing serum. Beneficial at every age, these two anti-aging skin products, when used hand-in-hand, can drastically decrease the rate of appearance of the visible signs of aging (that are improperly called symptoms of premature aging).

What Is a Night Serum and What Is an Anti-Aging Day Cream?

A night serum is a balm that is applied before bed time to improve and replenish the top layer of your skin, also known as the epidermis.

Getting eight hours of sleep is important, but what you do before you conk out makes a huge difference in your complexion, too. Try these quick nighttime skin regimen tips to unlock a gorgeous, glowing face morning after morning.

1- Make Sure you remove your Make-Up

Follow the procedure you know to be best for cleansing your skin. Perhaps using an oil-based cleanser to remove your makeup then a non-soap cleanser to get rid of the excess oil, sweat, and other leftover residue.